Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Truth Doesn't Make a Noise makes you want to make evil eyes.
I just took this 5 minutes ago.
But that was before I discovered that my pictures from yesterday had been deleted. 
gasp! deleted. gone. zip. nada. 
I guess Riley knew the eye I would be giving my CF card once I finished taking her picture.
But, what makes me sad is that I (randomly) took pictures of HS kids decorating our local Salvation Army. 
They were all so shy when I asked them if I could take photos. 
AND it was one of my favorite teacher's class too. 
I'm totally bumming out right about now...
And to add to frustrations, it's potty-training time at the daycare. Oye vei!
Alright, that's enough complaining...
Hope y'all are having a happy Wednesday! I am; minus the above (sorry, no more complaints lol)