Wednesday, April 27, 2011

UPDATED Sponsor Lily Love: 3 month SPECIAL!

Well, I caved and decided to open up ad spaces on Lily Love. You may have noticed that I did open up some spots earlier this year, but I felt like LL wasn't quite there yet. Welp, it'll be 5 months later and here we are. 
What's special about this month (if you see my half circle protruding out of the right corner) is that whatever money I receive from the ad spots will go straight to my Love146 Tread on Trafficking team.
A little rabbit trail... but I've teamed up with One Tree Hill's Bethany Joy Galeotti and her Love Warriors Team. Our current goal is to raise $2,000 (Joy changed it to $15,000 due to an overflow of wonderful souls who joined the team in just 2 days!) and I feel know we can beat that! And we can beat child sex slavery and human trafficking too. Yeah, we can, together.
Anyways, back to the AD spaces, here are some sweet things that come along with them:
these special ad spots are for 3 months. MAY-JULY!!
Medium ads:
$10 $7
  • Individual post about your blog/shop/business. You get to write it too. Two words: GUEST POST.
  • Lots of link love on the blog, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Got a giveaway? Let's get your stuff out loves!
Small ads:
$5 $3
  • Group post about your blog/shop/business.
  • Lots of link love on the blog, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Got a giveaway? I want to get your stuff out too! 

Lily Love is still a really small blog but here's the stats:
-76 followers on GFC <--- 79 since Monday :)
-87 followers on Facebook
-112 followers on Twitter
a whopping 4 6 followers on Bloglovin'--- I'm reeling in the big numbers there. ;)

But really lovelies, this will all go to my Tread on Trafficking team. Join me in seeing the bigger picture.
 If you'd like to advertise here on Lily Love, contact me at

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  1. Woo Hoo on offering have a truly lovely blog and deserve it!

    Liesl :)