Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What's On Your Mind

- This picture has been on my mind. Don't know where it is, but open country, sun, my guitar and a clear mind... I'd be there in no time (and probably never want to leave).
- Riley girl's smile. She got a sock monkey today. She loves them!
- Lemonade that's homemade. We're on day 2.
- Summertime.
- I think I'm going to finish writing my book. Yeah, that's definitely on my mind this Wednesday.
- The price of gas. Sickening.
- I need a really good face wash. Any suggestions?
- My ardent hate of insects. *shiver*
- The entire month of MAY is on my mind. So much fun things going on.. can't wait to get things started!!
- Finally redecorating my room. I really need to clean it out and organize!
- All you lovely people and the wonderful new lovelies who are following Lily Love :)

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