Wednesday, May 11, 2011

baby loves

 Hello lovelies. This week has been full of newborn babies for my friends and family!

On Sunday, my cousin's wife in California went into labor at 5:40am Hawai'i time. I literally jumped out of my bed when I got the text. Five hours later, this little precious lovely was born, on Mother's day I might add.
Tehani Serai Kahelemeakua
She's a cutie and she has certainly carried on a lot of our families features. The one thing she has that all of us have?  A Filipino nose. Welcome to the family Tehani ♥

This little boy was born the next day! He's number three for my friend and her husband. 
Welcome, Kydon Ezekiel Kainoa
My neighbor who also happens to be my friend gave birth yesterday to her baby girl. So it's been a 3-day run for my friends! Welcome to all the new babies who were born around the world!


  1. Such a beautiful boy! and a great name to match :)

  2. congrats to everyone! Love the names too.

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