Friday, May 6, 2011

cinco de mama

I have renamed it Cinco de Mama because it was my mama's birthday yesterday. We threw out the margaritas, ate from the dollar menu then had dessert at home. But not to worry, we are taking the sweetest and most beautiful lady out to dinner tonight. Some place fancy... and grand. 'Cause my mom deserves the best. 
Since I lack in the picture taking department, I didn't even take a picture with her last night. Yes, judge me. But, tonight we'll be dolled up and we wont use instagram to take pictures. HA!

Oh, and I got some miles in for Tread on Trafficking too last night. I'm going to try and put a video up next week of me and some of my lovelies treading.  Also, I'll be making a tab for Tread on Trafficking, so if you want updates go there.
Be back in a few with non-instagramish photos. 
Happy Friday!


  1. Sounds like the perfect night! And those desserts look yummy!

  2. Happy Birthday to your momma! So glad you had a great night - and with such great desserts! :D