Monday, May 16, 2011

easier said than done

Ever read this somewhere and immediately roll your eyes and think to yourself "Yeah, like that's possible." Well, join the club 'cause I do that too. Like most things that are the right thing to do usually end up being a hard decision to make. How do you smile at someone who makes life miserable? When you see them plaster other people's lives with your secrets and issues, how do you show them kindness? How isn't the only question. The other question we tend to ask ourselves is "WHY?!" 
"Why do I have to be nice to them? They're the ones who..." on and on and on we go. I found myself drowning in thought the other night about this simple phrase and the first thing I said was 'Why?'. I sat there for a good five minutes posing the question to the left side of my brain...and the right side too. I genuinely wanted to know the A to my question: Why. Because...
It's not worth it not to: If we can truly make the best out of everything, let's make it a goal to make the best out of the ugliest of ugly. When we're able to make it right and move on, we officially have no hold to that situation and vice versa. Why be controlled by something (or someone, or situation) that you don't even want in your life? Remove it, make it right and move on. It's not a long strung-out process, but a process nonetheless. But then again, everything in life is a process. Make this one worth it.

Life lessons learned: Yeah, so maybe the whole situation that lead you to the "kill them with kindness" ordeal started because of you. Or maybe it was a 2-way thing and both parties were wrong. Great. Now that you know that it may have been you and something happened that wasn't right, apologize, ask for forgiveness and learn from it. We may learn life lessons from our parents (i.e. don't spend all your money, find the right spouse etc.) but a lot of lessons come from unforeseen circumstances, heartbreak and petty friendship drama. If you keep going in the same circle and not apply what you learned last time, shake yourself and move on. Don't let the situation define you; allow what you learned to define you: it'll shape the outcome of the next storm or process you'll go through.

Enjoy your life: Why be bound by something that you have the power to release and let go of? It'll only hold you back from doing all the things in life you wanted to do, whether you're 24 or 84...let it go and enjoy what time you have left. Go for a run, take a vacation, go somewhere you've never been, take a drive and snap some photos of places you've always been and see the beauty! Be free!

Get closer to God: Many of you know that I am Christian and have a deep relationship with Jesus and he's the one who helps me to forgive others AND MYSELF. Of course I can talk to my best friends and my mom about things in my life and that always helps, but to also be able to pour my heart out to God and he wrap me in His arms and let me know that things will be okay...there isn't a better feeling than that. Like I said in the above, it's all a process; life itself is a process. So find the heart of God, release everything to him and I promise you He will make all things new for you!
So lovelies, it may be easier said than done, but everyday, do something small to change the way you might react to someone/something. I like to call them baby steps. Positive baby steps turn into positive outlooks which turn into positive reactions...which then leads to restoration and freedom. Keep going and keep it classy! ♥Che'Lyssa

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  1. So glad I found your blog!
    I know I have trouble forgiving if I don't give it to him! Awesome post!