Wednesday, May 18, 2011

let's build a fort and be safe

I would've created a jump for this image heavy post, but these kids are way too cute. So enjoy all of this scrolly sweetness. Today was (and still is, the kids are currently dozing off to their afternoon naps) a breezy and relaxing day at Faith Daycare. Two of our other kiddie friends weren't here today so Riley and Davidson were missing them a bit. We ate breakfast, watched Sid the Science Kid, chowed down on some good 'ole Chef Boyardee and built a fort in the middle of the living room. We had story time, pretended we were on our own ship and were pirates in our homeland and then had a tickle party. We also enjoyed the company of my lovely sissssy Kiani. She's awesome and such a big help! And she's rocking a headband I made!
Anywhooo, this is my job, my income, my time where I get to pretend I'm 5 again and imagine things only a kid could. Some days can be hectic and my house will be a complete and utter mess. Some days will completely pass us by and all the pillows on the couch will not have moved. Whichever kind of day it is, I never lose sight of my blessings! Even when I'm wanting to lock myself in the room and nap for just five minutes, I enjoy all of my 6:30am-5:00pm work hours with them. It's one of those jobs where I feel safe, not  safe as in "comfortable" but as in this is the place where I belong kind of feeling. With that said, let's build a fort and be safe. What/who/where is your fort?

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  1. These photos are the cutest!

    I remember I loved building forts when I was young and I could sit inside for hours and be queen of my kingdom! ♥

    The Cat Hag