Monday, May 23, 2011

summer goals

Lose it. No, not that. I'm talking about losing all the weight I have yet to lose! I got really sick last month (ER visits, staying in bed for a week) and I lost about 10 pounds! I know, right. I want to continue to keep that off. Which means more beach visits, a lot more active play dates, keeping up with my Tread on Trafficking and not as much no soda.

Organize it. If you've read my previous monthly goals, you're probably thinking "you're still not organized?". It's okay, cause I think that too sometimes. My organizational skills have been maturing and thankfully enough, I don't need to use an organizer (because that never works out for this girl). I've invested in bookshelves, baskets and bins, folders and my new best friend: an accordion file box (a stylish one). Not only is my room organized but all of my business reports and bills and papers are in the correct place! Phew! Now, it's the summer and people (kiddos from the daycare) go on vacation and things get a little laid back, especially when you're on an island surrounded by the Pacific ocean. By the way, that's my cousin Shandyn and I frolicking in the blue waters.

Take a trip. My ultimate "trip" would be an actual trip off of this island, but my finances as of late are not agreeing much with my "wants" (more important "needs" to be taken cared of). BUT, it's okay. No, really it is. I am determined to take a trip up the mountains that grace this island with it's beauty, take drives down to the end of the roads (north and west) and actually experience this island. 'Cause all too soon, I will be saying goodbye to this place for a season.

A few other goals:
1. 100 followers.
2. Raise at least $500 for Tread on Trafficking by the end of June.
3. Learn a new song on the guitar.
4. Cook something I've never cooked/eaten before.
5. Finish reading the books I've already started.

Here's one of my favorite Summer songs. So wonderful...

What are your goals for the summer?


  1. Love your goals and I know exactly what it feels like to be unorganized. It took me months to redo my desk and get my craft room in order. Not and easy task!

  2. those sound like fun goals! i hope you have a really great summer ahead :)

  3. Awesome list and you totally reminded me that I need to add organizing to my list!!! I have so many nooks and crannies to sort out!

  4. yay for summer! I have a few goals in mind as well.... finish reading books you have started? :) what fun would that be!!! lol

  5. adorable blog!
    im going to follow ya
    check mine out sometime :)