Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tread on Trafficking: Day One

Hi lovelies! 
Here's my neighborhood park that I walked yesterday.
Two miles and it was a blast. No sarcasm.
If I had the right shoes I probably would've walked a couple of more miles. The shoes I have are dunzo.
I will be walking more this week and when I do I promise to take more pictures.
I have a few places that I'd like to walk, so not only do you get to see my Tread on Trafficking adventure,
but you'll get to see parts of the beautiful island I live on. 
By the way, you see all those rain clouds? Well, they dumped buckets of water last night. 
We had a mini thunder/lighting storm last night.

If you'd like to donate to my Tread on Trafficking team click here.

Have a great day loves!

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