Monday, June 6, 2011

baby showers and instagram

Hi lovelies. As you can tell, I have an addiction to instagram (hipstamatic, too!). It's so easy to use and I always have my phone on me. I would love to use a regular fancy ole camera, but Mr. Nikon and his prices aren't playing nice. So phone upgrade + free app = happy Che'. 

You know what else makes me happy? Weekends that are filled with relaxing days spent with my closest friends and family. We get to wind down together and enjoy the company of each other and the beautiful views this wonderful island has to offer. You see those pics up there? Well, that is the entire south side of Kaua'i. Miles of beaches, hotels, tourist spots, secret places and the loads of "rich people" houses. I'll own one one of these days. Serious. 
Oh, and it literally rained right after I took the first picture and right before I took the second picture (they were taken about 3 hours apart). It rained cats and dogs. and elephants and cows.

Anyways, that's where we spent our Saturday: on the top of a mountain having fun at a beautiful baby shower for my lovely friend Kahiwamai. It was absolutely gorgeous! She had hanging lanterns, brown table cloths and roses everywhere. Lovey is due any day now and we're all waiting for the little birdie to arrive. I took out my crafty chops (with the help of some of my favorite people) and made her a cutesy diaper cake. I've never made one. Ever. And to my surprise, it came out really nice! So nice, I wanted to keep it. Okay, sorry for the "tooting of my own horn"... but seriously, look at that bear's headband! Okay, I'll stop. LOL. And speaking of cakes, she also had one of the best looking, and tasting, cakes I've ever seen/tasted. It was amazing and so nice to look at. Mai got tons of cute gifts and a lot of necessities for when the little girly arrives. Being there made me want to have babies already!

Then I spent my Sunday morning at church with all of the kiddos. Those are some of them down there. Also down there, the beach I spent the rest of the day at. We ate lunch and dinner AND s'mores and played funny games with all of the little kids. AND... I finally went swimming after a month of being beachless (stomach flu and torrential rain is to blame). Now I'm sunburnt and my arms are sore from body boarding, but I am not complaining. I am surely blessed. 
I hope you all had an amazing weekend. 

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