Friday, June 24, 2011

Call it Hope Part II

You know when you read something that nearly guts you and leaves you feeling a sense of emptiness yet it makes you want to live like you've never lived before? I just read an amazing but heartbreaking post from a dear friend of mine, let's call her Essie (for her privacy I will not link up to her blog). What I will put on blast is her resilience and strength to move forward and find the hope and will to move on with life.

That's kind of what I'm needing right now.
Resilience and strength. But most of all, I need hope.

Now, I'm not trying to sound emo or make this sound like a depressing type of post, because everyday I wake up with a smile and a heart that pounds with joy. But like every human out there, sometimes I forget that hope is at my finger tips. Essie's post reminded me that God freely gives us hope (and strength, and peace, and love and all the other good stuff). He wants to bless us with that. He delights in us by blessing us. Sometimes our problem is we're to hard-headed (and -hearted) to accept what's readily available from Him. 

Essie made me realize all of this. She didn't mention God, she didn't mention anything about life being easy. But she did write, in spite of her current situation, that she will press on and keep fighting the good fight.

So remember lovelies:


  1. A lovely writing. Love when a blogger writes, I got some pretty writings too at my blog. Def. following you now and maybe youll visit me some day. =)

  2. can't tell you how much i love that last photo. that movie is so awesome!

    love, little.