Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dear Dad

 Dear Dad,
All the words in the world couldn't quite sum up how much I love you! You have taught me life lessons that I will never forget. Some of them include, "shut up and just kill the spider", "stop complaining" and more important ones like "don't make excuses; let your yes be yes and nos be nos." You've taught me so much. These last few years have been the rocky ones but I count them as learning steps and mannnn have our characters grown.
We laugh, we cry, we get angry and I roll my eyes (I know that you know I do) and then we laugh again. We buy each other lunch and you let me use your truck. Also, you've got the best wife who is my mother. So, I thank you for that too. You love God and you try do your best at everything you do (especially when you do the yard. Hello yard-cleaner of the year!). AND what get's me everytime is that you laugh with such heart and loud volume at each and every single one-liner and sarcastic joke I make. That is love.
Thanks for always sticking by my side.
I love you a thousand times over.

Che Che♥
 Ohh yeah, here's a little vid my sister and I made for the best dad in the whole entire world. Can ya guess the song?

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  1. So glad to see you back here and posting, my friend! Love the new layout - simplicity is good! :) And I am TOTALLY digging on those pretty headbands you and your sister are sporting. Is she selling these in her shop? I want one and would love to help her out! Please give me the link when it is available!