Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A few shots from Hanalei...

Here's all of the photo's from our little family time in Hanalei. The only two people missing are my parents. We had some family from my dad's side who were down on Kauai, so they had to entertain them. We're heading down to Hanalei again this Sunday for 4th of July.
 Grandpa and his wife (we call her grandma Carol, she's amazing) and all his grown children, grandchildren and greats! I have some of thee best cousins in the world! All those plants in the background? Those are the taro patches we used to run through when we were younger. We've spent soo many days running up and down these taro patches and nights washing the mud off in a huge bath house. Those are the days I miss the most! Everyone's all grown up and now half of the land is owned by a third-party, but life goes on and someday my children will be able to (hopefully!) enjoy this place.
See that little green shack behind them? That used to be an outside bathroom. Not my favorite, but we ALL had to use it! That's also all of the original furniture in the house! We used to play heads-up-7up in this living room. Sweet memories
My mom's younger sister, older brother (and his version of "the finger") and cousin-in-law.
 My mom's youngest brother Kyle. He's two years older than me, but I don't call him uncle.
Preggo Tamalyn. By the way, she made her own dress! She also makes hundreds of them.

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