Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Three Things I Love -- Summer Themed Houses

Three Things I Love is officially back and, although we're half way through summer, I've decided to do a special post about summer themed houses/decor. A lot of people go away and vacation during this season. For myself, I took a mini vacation to a 5-star hotel and retreated to somewhere close yet so far away. I would love to one day vacation somewhere on the East coast in the Hamptons or somewhere in Myrtle beach. That would be gorg. Until then, I got the island of Kauai and pictures to drool over. You can drool too when you see these beautiful houses.

I love the blues and whites and the faded colors on the cabinets and walls. All of the white opens up the entire room (not to mention all those windows) and the blue adds minimal but strong touches to the theme of the room. It's simple and subtle and looks totally relaxing. (source)

Here's another blue/white combo just a little bit more sophisticated. In this room, the blue bottles give it a vintage look while adding that summery touch. Yep, it makes me want to read alllll. summer. long. (source)

Self-explanatory. (source)

Hope you are all having a great summer so far. Where are some places you have vacationed or wanting to vacation during the summer?

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