Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Wishes -- Blowfish Shoes

I am absolutely over the moon for Blowfish shoes. The beautiful Lula had a recent Blowfish giveaway on her lovely blog and I've been hooked ever since. They are so earthy and sophisticated. I have yet to try them to join the "Blowfish shoes are so comfy!" club. Hence the title of wishlist. But seriously, they're amazing. 

1. Roman can compliment your high-waist outfit or it can make your boyfriend jeans look bananas (we all know bananas in the fashion world can mean awesome). It'll one day make it's appearance here on Lily Love because THIS girl just ordered it! Um, is it okay to have butterflies because of shoes?

2. Baku is another one for your boyfriend jeans. Not only will it make your jeans look good, but it'll make your boyfriend look good too when y'all are strollin' down the street window shopping. Heck, it would make anyone you're walking next to look good too. Of course, it'll make you look good, too. It's that wonderful! Go get it.

3. Lakota is one summery little chickee. The ankle strap and tasteful look of this sandal blows me away. It makes we want to throw on a summer dress, eat ice cream and go thrift shopping. Let's get comfortable, people!

4. Rescue. For some reason, they remind me of shoes my mom used to have back in the '90s, and that is not a bad thing. I remember admiring them when my mom wore them, and now I see them as 4.5" wedge platforms. Heeeellllloooo. I'll get one for my mama too, then we both can take a trip down memory lane. Oh, and this makes for a night out on the town. And is it weird that it makes me want to paint my toes?

5. Linnet. Holy canolies. This and your best pair of skinnies or a nice long maxi dress and you're set. Set for the summer or spring. You could even sleep in it since it's so pretty.

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