Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Wishes -- Take Me to Brunch

...or to the beach or shopping. Maybe even a movie.
After spending an entire weekend at one of Kauai's top resorts, I was instantly inspired by a few of the guests "brunch attire". Now, my attire was so laid back, I should have stayed in the room and ate my $19.99 all-you-can-eat-buffet. No, really. Anyways, I pretended I was using this outfit. Yes, judge me...for pretending. Ha.
But really, this outfit makes me want the view of the pool, my late-morning coffee, the Sunday paper and the best omelet in the resort. And the free will to rack up stories in my head of endless sartorial splendor.

1. Floppy Fedora - $16
2. Mulberry Oversized Chocolate Alexa (as in Alexa Chung) handbag - $925 (wowza!)
3. Steve Madden Guesst Sandals - $90
4. Damir Doma Cropped Tank - $230
5. Gringo Aztec Print Skirt - $33 (score!)

Now let's find this look for less! Hopefully.


  1. wow $230 for a tank top... cute outfit but tank top for $230 no way lol

  2. This is beautiful! And yes, it's ok to dream!!

  3. What a cute outfit! And I will have to agree on the tank top - super fun, but that is crazy!