Thursday, July 14, 2011

hello again

hello again lovelies. 
just got home from a 3-day kids camp for church. and it was stinken awesome.
more pictures to come tomorrow.
you can enjoy this picture that i snapped with my phone on the first day.
the south side was gorgeous... and awesome too.

one thing that isn't awesome:
a shattered iphone.

off to bake cupcakes, get a foot rub and fix this phone. 
for now, here's my week's playlist:
1. hello seattle - owl city
2. washed by the water - needtobreathe
3. bird and the worm - owl city
4. when the stars go blue - ryan adams
5. tighten up - the black keys
6. trainwreck - a rotterdam november
7. missing pages - seventh day slumber
8. undo - rush of fools
9. vanilla twilight - owl city (the entire week was filled with music from him)

1 comment:

  1. i love your blog! you give it so much life, and you have such a beautiful spirit. 'hope your having a great summer! :)