Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Last Friday Night

 ...and summer, so far:
  • Summer-styled outings equals beach every weekend (everyday if money would literally grow from tress and I wouldn't have to work) and tons of family time. 
  • So much family time, we've really realized how much we love each other and how each of us have a different interpretation of Mick Jagger's infamous swag. Adam Levine has nothing on us!
  • Food. The usual platter and the unusual too. Either way, summer has opened up these little taste buds!
  • Meeting the newest lovely: Alamea Kau'inoheamaikipikane♥ She is serious cuteness wrapped up in a pink onesie. Her mama is my dear friend Kahiwamai. Remember that shower I went to? Yep, that was her shower! Go check it out here.
  • Too much body heat + lots of heartfelt love for each other = family from Cali staying with us. We may be sweating in this house, but we sure do got the loves for each othaaa.
  • Bon fires and marshmallows. And sand in between my toes. And taking a shower at the beach. And steaks on the grill. AND my over usage of the word and. It's summer...and?
  • Best 4th of July in years. IN. YEARS. 
  • The liberation of deleting people off of my Facebook. I swear, those unwanted set of eyes that lurk was equivalent to the rat's hanging low in a hoarder's basement. Except I didn't need a "hoarding intervention" all I needed was to click the X that Mark Zuckerberg so conveniently provided. 
  • Did I mention the freedom from those who lurk? Oh yeah, I did. Just thought I'd make sure! 
  • Oh and yes, people are mad now because of the 2 above bullets. And?
  • Three. Yes, three ... pairs of new shoes in one day. Two of which we're bought for me. Thanks cousin Aida. I owe you!
  • Oh and ... Blowfish, I'm in looooooovveeee. Payless, you were on sale, but danng you was hot too (please don't fall apart on me!).
  • Getting a new stove. Our oven hasn't worked for 2 years. Now we can bake in a regular oven, not a toaster oven. Thank you Jesus!
  • Making headbands and a website for my sister! Her official shop launch date is August 1. I am sooo excited!
  • Repeat after me: Clear. Blue. (no, not the pregnancy test) Skies. Everyday...aalllll day.
  • No pregnancy tests just yet for this girl.
  • Anyways, soooo much fun happened in June. Imagine the rest of July... Nevermind, don't imagine just yet because family will be leaving at the end of July and this house will be a quiet house again. Soooo, let's just take this one day at a time. <--- me being emo.
How are my lovely's Summer going? Tell me! Tell me!


  1. What a Beautiful baby!! I am just blown away by how gorgeous she is.

  2. kahiwamai nakamuraJuly 29, 2011

    AWWWWW! my babies on your blog! im soooo happy! <3 haha