Sunday, July 17, 2011

weekend instas.

I had a wonderful weekend! Although I had to say goodbye to some great friends and family who are returning home, I had a great time. Here's how it went down:

Had a great impromptu dinner with my parents and sister. I think we laughed the entire time. Except when we were eating dessert. That was too good to be taking laugh-breaks. Yep.

My cousin and his wife and kids have been staying with us for the past 2 weeks and I have fallen helplessly in love with their daughter, Jolie. She is the sweetest girl ever; the last time I saw her she was barely 5 years old. This trip, we baked almost everyday, ate pancake batter (gross, I know), made headbands and went to the beach. After 14 days of being together night and day the time came, which was on Friday night, to say goodbye. 

I cried. She cried. We all cried.

She asked me to ride with her to the airport and I did. It was so cute because she literally hugged me as we got into the car, during the car ride and whilst getting out of the car. Then I broke down when she said "Aunty Che', I'm going to miss you soooooo much. Can we please eat pancake batter the next time I see you? You have to promise me!" 

"In a heart beat, Jolie Jane," I replied.

Then we parted and I cried too when my cousin and his wife hugged me a final goodbye.
Achey-Brakey heart.

Also, a few hours before I said goodbye to them, a really GREAT friend was leaving Kauai to head back home to O'ahu before moving to Oklahoma for college. I spent 3 days with her and her two crazy brothers at Kids Camp. Made her some gifts and yes, I cried when she left too. I need to invest in a huge box of kleenex.

I said one more goodbye on Saturday...
to be continued.

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