Friday, August 5, 2011

30 days about me // Day 2: Favorite Movie

I know the other day I only chose one song out of a million songs that I love, but today I am not able to muster up all that strength and choose just one movie. Sorry.
So, I'm going to pick two. Yep, just two.
Both of which are love stories that take place in centuries I wish I could live in: Ever After and Pride and Prejudice.

I know almost every word to Ever After. My mom bought me the VHS long ago and that tape has been battered to death due to the over usage of my rewind button. As soon as that happened, I got the DVD. I've always loved the story of Cinderella, and to see it come to life with Drew Barrymore as the one who gets the crown was a dream come true. She is my favorite actress.

As for Pride and Prejudice, I've never heard of it until I moved to Dallas for bible school back in '08. Everyone (I mean EVERYONE) would talk about it and when I finally moved back, I rented it and instantly fell in love. I fell in love with the story, the attraction, the purity and chase between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. That is how I've always imagined my love story to be. Although times are different these days, I think that kind of chase and love is still available and I intend for that to happen one day. Yep, its true. Come back in a year or two and read my love story, I'll be sure to tag this post in it. 
I love this rain scene. Love the way he tells her he loves her. "I love you. Most ardently." OHMAGAH!

I love this ending scene too. The first 4 minutes is gold. 
30 Days About Me


  1. Oh man! You keep picking my favorites! Love both of these so much!!!

  2. I love Pride & Prejudice! It's one of my favorite books too. I wanted to name my dogs Lizzy & Fitzy, lol, but my mom was all amped on them having Hawaiian names so we chose Hua & Hinano... My favourite movie is RocknRolla... I love heist movies & anything by Guy Ritchie! I also really love Dirty Dancing & Footloose lol :)

  3. I absolutely love Ever After! That's definitely the first movie I absolutely fell in love with. The Notebook comes in second, ha. I love Drew!

  4. lol i watched ever after the other day.. totally forgot about that movie.

  5. Ever After is one of my faves. Makes me cry EVERY time!

  6. I just finished watching Ever After. It was on Oxygen. I love that movie. It always makes me cry. I want to find my prince charming.

  7. Pride and Prejudice - good movie. I thoroughly enjoyed the book as well. Just found your blog. Love the header. :)