Thursday, August 11, 2011

30 days about me // Days 7 - 10

**I'm playing a little catch-up here**

Day 7 - A photo that makes you happy
I love my best friend and this makes me happy because... well it just does. 

Day 8 - Something that you hate.
OWLS. No, I will not post a photo of them on this blog. 
Okay, I don't hate them... I'm just afraid of them. Yes, really.

Day 9 - Something that makes your life easier
I get to wake up to this every single morning. When I look out my window, I see this road and this mountain and I just love it. On days when I'm about to lose my mind, I look at the beauty around me. It does make life easier. Living on Kauai is easy too, expensive, but easy living.
Day 10 - Photo: Then and Now
 My cousin Rikki and I. We're 44 days apart (he's older) and he's my favorite. When we were younger, we all lived in the same house (his dad and my mom are brother and sister) and when we were in middle school we lived 2 houses down from each other. When we were in college we were states apart but still in the same time zone, he in Chicago and I in Dallas. Now we're 24 and we live on the same island and we still have the same love for each other. We laugh about the craziest and stupidest things ever and when he's drinking, I'm his bartender. It's how we operate. I love him!
The bottom photos were so unintentionally matching to the above photos (we were both just shy of being 2-years old). It's crazy how we're sort of grown up now.

 Thanksgiving 2010

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