Saturday, August 13, 2011

Allergies and Tip Top

Yo yo yo. Happy Saturday lovelies!
Yesterday (Friday) was an awesome day: my Nikon D3100 came in the mail and I LOVE IT.
So today, was "take a million pictures" day.
My poor D70 is a little lonely now :(

Anyways, my dog decided to wake me up this morning my sniffing my face while I was in a deep sleep dreaming about something. It was probably an important dream. 
Got up and realized it was 10am. Halleluyer for that.
Did some shopping for my sister's shop and ate lunch at one of the best restaurants on Kauai. 

I was trying to paint until my allergies took over.
Got some CUTE birdcage stamps. Not done yet, but here's a little look at what I was painting.
Nothin' special.

 A little Simplicity Headband preview...

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  1. I love those painted tiles! I need one for my backsplash project. ;)