Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bobby V's Pizzeria!

Ever since receiving my new Nikon D3100 in the mail a few weeks ago, I've taken hundreds of pictures and have forgotten to upload half of them. We went mini-golfing a few weeks ago with the cousins (not this recent MG trip) as a last hoo-rah before Candace and Riley took off to Cali.
Even on this small island, there are a few places that I've never heard of and Bobby V's Pizzeria was one of them. This little gem is crammed between a bakery (that I just found out about) and a kayak rental business. You have to make your signal into the parking stall (yep, stall stealers are alive and at 'em) and you have to squeeze yourself into their little corner-of-a-restaurant. BUT. Their food.... oh my goodness.... their foooooood makes up for it. One. Hundred. Percent.
They have pizzas that's broke da mouth (in Hawai'i, we use this term to explain how freaking delicious something is), penne pastas of all sorts and the best Greek salad ever. Seriously, there was a party in my mouth. Then to top it off they were showing a classic Italian movie on a huge flat screen while the swooning voice of Dean Martin lingered through the air as he sang us to deep content while we engaged in an oh-so-good food coma.

Yep. It was that good. So good.

Plus, I was with people I love. That trumped everything else (stall-stealers, 20-min wait, small eating quarters and broken cc machines) in a heartbeat. Then we dougie'd our way back home to make s'mores over a gas stove. Halleluyer.


  1. Looks like a fun time with family! Oh and can I get a slice of pizza, please? ;) YUM! Oh and how exciting it must be to have your new camera...I can't wait to get one!

    Liesl :)

  2. That pizza looks delicious!!! Now i need pizza! lol It's my favorite! Looks like you had a fun time! Adorable pictures! Yay! for your new nikon! Nikons are awesome! :D

    Love your blog!

    In our sea of love