Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Closet // The Study Pt. 1

This week on The Closet is The Study. It's a very simple but vital step in organizing your closet/room. Last week we talked about The Throwaway and the many ways we can donate and giveaway things we may not need anymore. Now that we're done with that step, it's time to move on to taking a good inside look of our closet. 

I said last week that I have a lot of other items in my closet that aren't clothing/wardrobe related. Although that might suck a little, I can at least have fun with it. For instance, I keep my closet doors open to create a more open space for my entire room. It's like it's part of my room. Thanks to nice weather and the continued "keep-up" of my clothes, leaving the doors open aren't an issue.

That being said, I have to incorporate a lot of everything into my closet space. What does this have to do with The Study? Here's what I mean: look in your closet and see what you can put in there. For example, I have a plastic shelf with crates that hold my smaller garments like undies, socks, hats, bathing suits, scarves and belts. I also have my clothes hamper (which was on sale by the way!) and a 3-drawer plastic dresser (not pictured). When I finished the The Throwaway step, I had to figure out what else I needed.

Make a list:
1. Hangers
2. Dresser
3. Shelving
4. Baskets
5. Hamper
6. Wall hooks
7. Plastic storage containers etc.

If you're able to go out and get everything at one time, you're awesome. If you can't, you're still awesome, just slowly-but-surely get a few of the more expensive stuff. If your dressers and things are already situated in your room, that's great!

As for the top shelf, if you have one, this is one space you want to use to it's full potential. If you have a bookshelf in your room or elsewhere in your home, place your books there. Or you can stack a few of them on your nightstand to make a cute DIY book decor, or something. Ha. Here are a few ideas on using the top shelf:
  • Got clutches? Use cute magazine holders and place them neatly inside. 
  • If you have bulky paper and personal trinkets like me, find cute weave baskets and throw organize them neatly in there. They don't need to be 100% sturdy because they will always be sitting on the shelf. Don't bend over backwards to get an unreasonably priced crate/basket to store a few things. 
  • Shoe fetish? I don't really have one, but I hate shoe racks...unless their hidden behind my clothes. Since that can't happen, I went for the good 'ole fashion trick: plastic storage containers. These babies are pure magic and they keep my kicks in shape. If your bed is lifted off the floor, stick them under there. If not, stack 'em neatly on the top shelf (space permitting) or on the floor of your closet. 
Remember, don't feel like you need to spend an arm-and-a-leg for furniture. There are a TON of places like thrift stores, department store and discount stores that are armed with reasonably priced stuff. Also, every month or so, check out your baskets/crates and sort thru them. Clean your shoe containers and wipe them down. And my number one rule of life: ALWAYS VACUUM. Always. Vacuum in dark spaces, behind shelves, the top shelf and the carpet. It'll make a huge difference.

Your closet doesn't have to look like mines either. Make it your own. Add touches to your wall with your art or diy project. Let your hangers be different colors, sizes and shapes. It's yours to look at, so enjoy it by making it apart of your taste and creativity.  Have fun with it!

 Come back next week for The Study Part 2. 
It's all about clothes next week. 
Don't miss it!

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