Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Closet // The Throwaway

When I was in high school, the inside of my closet was never seen by anyone but myself and maybe my mother. I never utilized it to it's full potential and now that I think about it I wish I did because my closet space these days are small and limited.

We've lived in the house we're in for the past 3 years and my closet has been in tip-top shape since then. When we moved to the other side of the "island" (as us locals like to call it), I had an empty closet in front of me and I had the itch to be organized and different from my teenage years.

So here we are, three years down the line and my closet is semi-organized and things are in their rightful place. All of my hangers are the same size, shape and brand (only because I have a mild case of OCD, no joke), baskets line the top shelf in unison hiding random things I've collected over the years and my clothes are folded neatly and tucked away nicely. But... that doesn't cut it. Things, strings and straps are flowing out of shelves, papers are sticking out in piles and my shoes have gotten eaten alive by dust bunnies.

Time for a change. 

I have decided to document this change here on the blog. If you'd like, you can follow these easy steps to get your closet looking in mint condition. It'll also allow you to find things easily and keep your life organized as well. 
It's totally working for me.
Step One: The Throwaway.
Doesn't that sound like a cool band, or what? Or not. The Throwaway is the purging scenario where you muster up all of your energy into parting with things and throwing them out. "Out" as in thrift store, garbage bag or sister's closet. Repeat these words after me: "Do I really (like REALLY) need this?" Get used to it honeybuns because you might be saying those words to yourself during The Throwaway. But on the serious, open your closet and scan through everything! If you're like me and have to keep important papers and other items on the top shelf, go through those things too. If you're not like me and only have wardrobe items in your closet, I'm jealous.

Now scanning doesn't mean a look through, try to physically touch every item and play scenarios in your head of you wearing that particular item. If the scenario skips in your head like an overplayed CD, toss it.

We can have fun with this, right?

Make a few "toss piles":
1. The "Salvation" pile // Let it find it's saving grace at the local Salvation Army.
2. The "Maybe my sister would like this? Oh, wait its hers!" pile // Yep, I'm guilty.
3. The "Possible clothing swap item" pile // An excuse for a girls night in, clothing and chick flicks? Yes please! Any clothing left overs? Sell it at a yard sale or donate it.
4. The "Okay, no. Just, no..." pile // Yes...the inevitable garbage pile.

The garbage pile should be the smallest pile you have at the end of the day. 
We're trying to reuse, reduce, recycle.
If you can reuse it, save it.
If you and the rest of the world can't use it, reduce it.
If you can't use it anymore, but someone else can, recycle it.

Now, excluding the clothes that you are keeping, find a pile for the ones that didn't make the cut. Within the week, make sure you take each pile to it's designated area. 

The Throwaway may take you all day or just a few hours. Either way, you're cleaning out so you can bring in more... Come back next week for Step Two: The Study.


  1. I'm going through the same thing right now! I've had luck with consignment shops, and the rest go to my same-size cousins.

  2. nice!.i do that often I'm always getting rid of old clothes to make room for new ones & to stay organized.

  3. I'm in dire need of a closet makeover. My BFF & I are having a yard sale sometime later this year, so unless it's unusable I'm stocking up for the yard sale! And, ugh, I have a storage unit to go through too! This is going to take awhile lol!