Wednesday, August 10, 2011

FaceTime + Coins

 The conversation between my cousin and one of her best friends over FaceTime on their iPhones.
Let's name them Kay (cousin) and Bea (friend).

5 minutes into their convo:
Kay: What color is your iPhone case?
Bea: Oh my gosh! Mines is purple!! I love purple!
Kay: Your parents let you upgrade to an i4?
Bea: Uhh, no. I lost my other phone so they just bought me a new one. Yep..

10 minutes later:
Bea: So, who are you going to hang with when we go back to school?
Kay: Ew, not Jacqueline. She snobbed me the other day, so NO to her.
Bea: Yeah, NO to her.
Kay: HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, anyways, I want to do the Jr. lifeguard program, it looks fun. 
Bea: Yeah, you should. There are CUTE guys there. 
Kay: Really?! What was the name of the guy you liked? Mic------
Bea: HEY! Shhhh!! I'll text you... hold on.
-receives text-
Kay: Okay, got your text, let me read it. "So, Lola was checking out this guy with a six pack, he was so hott and Lola wanted to...." OMG! ewwwwwww...

Yep, I couldn't see that text message.
10 year old girls are blooming too early and hearing things they shouldn't be hearing OR seeing. 
Crazy. So while I counted my coins for my Nikon D3100 that I will be ordering this week (hopefully!), I pretended like I wasn't listening. 
I was totally listening. 
and counting at the same time. That's skill.
I need about $140 dollars more and that baby will be in my hands. 
Thank God tomorrow is a "sort-of" payday. Whatever that means.

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  1. Kids these days! My little cousin got her first cell phone when she was 7! The girl can text nonstop too haha... Good luck with the camera, I'm thinking of upgrading my this year if I can afford it :)