Saturday, August 6, 2011

Garage Sale Saturday

Hi lovelies. I'm sneaking in a little break to show you a few snapshots I took during our garage sale. 
It's going on right now and I'm sneakingly (is that even a word?) uploading these pics while peeking over my shoulder to see if my mom is coming. Don't mess with mama when she wants to get things done!

Anyways, we're selling a bunch of stuff. My aunties and cousins gathered up the things we don't need and laid it for everyone to see. It's only been 3 hours since we've opened and most things are gone. The early birds always get the worm. My sister is also selling her headbands! YAY! She made some sales and she's a happy camper. You can visit her online shop here.

So enjoy. It was raining earlier then it got sunny but I think it might rain again. Grr. Send me some sunshine, friends! 

By the way, took these pics with my camera that I'm trying to sell so I can get me a Nikon D5000. 
Send me some money, friends! No, I'm just kidding (I think). 


  1. So did you make any money?! At the last garage sale I had with my best friend I make around $100 I think, not too bad :) We're gearing up for another one, maybe in October, and I'm hoping to make enough to finance a bedroom makeover!

  2. I had a lot to sell, but I only kept $50 (which I made from selling one of my Nikon lenses) and combined the rest with my mom's stuff. There were a lot of people (aunties and cousins) who sold stuff too, so we made a little over $500.

    I was hoping to make enough to help with my bedroom renovations too, but instead my $50 went into my camera fund :)