Thursday, August 25, 2011

happy face!

hi lovey cakes! sorry for the lack of postings in the past 4 days! this week has been a tough one, emotionally. some of my favorites are leaving in about an hour and they're on their way to my house to say a final goodbye. remember riley? the little girl (cousin's daughter) that attended my daycare for the past year and half? yeah, she and her mama are off to california to be with her (riley's) daddy. it's so bittersweet! i'm so happy that my cousin is going and being with her soulmate, but i'm sad that i won't see them for a while. i guess it's pretty hard when you wake up and the first person you see is that cute, ham face up there...everyday, monday thru friday! 
so i wont lie, i've been moping like a little school-girl who got her lunch taken away and i've cried my tears. then i smile because i now have a reason to take a trip to the bay area! HELLO!

other than that, my sister and i have been supes busy with her online shop and getting her fall line situated. it's kind of tough to sort, name and upload everything. but we have fun! we really do. and my sister is so talented at making these headbands! i tried one once and i don't think anyone would ever want to buy that one. anyways, if you'd like, check her shop out and use the discount code: SHB25 for 25% off on your order.

in other news, kaua'i has their annual county fair this weekend and i'm not usually overly excited for that, but this year my cousin and his wife are selling their products from their new clothing company. so i'll be there supporting them. also, one of the kids who attend my daycare is a contestant in the healthy baby contest. 
so this weekend will consist of:
ufc RIO - county fair - mini golfing
speaking of mini g, we went last week saturday and are totally hitting the replay button on that one.

also, next week i'll have my sponsor spotlights up on the blog! 
if you want to sponsor lily love in september click on the sponsor tab up there. september already has a lot of lovelies, come join them too!! 

keep it classy!

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  1. Oh that picture is so so cute! And I love mini golf! Even though I'm terrible. haha!