Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight // Lindsay from Scenic Glory

1 who has been your biggest inspiration? 
i am most inspired by my mother.  i was a very sick child that she took care of being a single working parent.  she did an amazing job, never complained, showed me love on a daily basis and motivated me to be the best i could be.  she still does to this day and i could never thank her enough!

2 what made you start a blog?  
when matthew and i first got engaged i started looking online for DIY inspiration.  throughout my search i came across so many amazing bloggers.  after we celebrated our big day i found i had so much extra time on my hands.  that's when i created scenic glory...i haven't looked back since :)

3 are there any challenges you come across when it comes to blogging or owning your own business?
time management!  when i first started blogging i was going to school and working full time.  soon after, i started offering blog design and found myself not having enough hours in my day to get things done.  soon after, i went to part time at my office job and ultimately ended up leaving and growing my business at home full time.  i still find myself taking on too many projects at once, but at the same time i have learned to prioritize and manage my time more efficiently :)

4 what are some of your hobbies?
i love taking photographs!  i am no professional...but ever since i purchased penelope - my  trusty canon t2i i have not been able to put her down!  aside from that i love bike riding with my hubs and creating...creating anything!!

5 wine or beer?
wine please!!

6 what is your favorite movie?
my gosh this is a tough one!  i am a sucker for action flicks - some of my favs are taken and man on fire.  i do love myself a good romantic film though too - the notebook anyone?!?

7 if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
i desperately want to travel to india.  i am so fascinated by their culture and want to surround myself in it.  hopefully one day soon :)

8 all of your dreams come true, who do you want standing next to you?
matthew, hands down.  he is my husband and best friend!

9 what would you say to your 13 year old self?

your broken heart will heal.  being unique is such an amazing trait...people will love you for it!  making friends with everyone opposed to trying to be "popular" was the best decision you could have ever made.  be yourself, everyone else is already taken :)

10 name one thing that is on your bucket list?
create a business with my husband that we can both enjoy together.  we are on a mission to start our retro old fashioned float stand next year :)

Lindsay has been an amazing friend to me in the past 8 months. She's sweet and she has a heart of gold! Take some time out to go visit her blog and shop (both are amazing!). Lindsay is also a great designer! You see the blog you're on now? She created the layout and I absolutely love it. 
Go give Lindsay some virtual hugs and spread the word about this lovely lady!

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