Thursday, September 8, 2011

Goals for the Fall

The heat of summer is lingering around these parts lately and I cannot wait until it is completely gone; the sweaty days and warm nights. I'm looking forward, with big bright eyes, to the return of Fall. I cannot wait to wear cardigans and rightfully wear pants. It doesn't snow here in Hawai'i, but sometimes we can get our fair share of nip-cold weather. But, seriously... who doesn't love cold weather that allows to get warm under a blanket so you can enjoy a relaxing day indoors without sweating? I'm anxiously awaiting for that to happen. 
Here are a few goals for September (Fall-ish season) that have been pacing to-and-fro in my head.
  • Continue to organize and prioritize like crazy. I've been doing good, I just need to step it up a notch.
  • Be steadfast in my Zumba workout regiment, which will hopefully lead to a continuum of healthy eating and living. I need to get healthy.
  • Paint more. I have been painting like crazy in the past few weeks and I have thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. I don't draw or paint a picture of "something or someone". I'm strictly an abstract kind of girl and I love it. My best friend has been helping me search for the inner creativity and to let that beast out when I have a pallet full of color and a white canvas in front of me. 
  • Get back into photography. I've always loved taking portraits (no, not senior portrait types) and I haven't taken any in a long long while. My creativity has been bursting at the seams and I think it's time to put my new camera to work! This was my last photo shoot I took from over a year ago! 
  • Buy a car. Gahhh. That was something so big to type and wish at the same time, I swear my fingers were about to fall off. I looked at a car today and she was a beauty, but I'm soooo scared to get a loan and spend money. Yikes.
  • Smile more. I'm generally a happy person, but a few years ago my friend told me that I should smile more. Yep, he said it like this: "Are you pissed off or something? Because if you're not, you should smile more. Smiling makes you look pretty!" I never took offense to his words, but still to this day, I think of those words and I always remember to smile! Even if I'm just walking or shopping, I'll smile.
So, since the Fall season is making it's annual appearance, I'll smile to that!
What are some of your goals for this season?


  1. Hey, found your blog on Weekend Wander from FTLOB

    Good luck with meeting your goals, they seem pretty reasonable (apart from the car one- scary!). It's still really hot here in Malta too, and I'm kinda looking forward to the cool weather- it only lasts about 3 months but its a nice refresher then back to summer!

    My goal would be to get healthy too- join a gym, go jogging, anything really! xx

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  2. Hello, Doll! Your blog is completely adorable. I love that one of your goals is simply to smile more. I may take your advice. Sometimes its hard to remember to smile, but it shouldn't be. I think this will be one of my new goals as well
    :)<-- see already starting. Your blog made me smile.

  3. Stopping by from FTLOB. Your last photo shoot turned out great! I really hope you do get back into it- I look forward to seeing your next shoot.

    Liesi @ Too Crewel

  4. I love your list, I need to do all those things!!!

  5. Good goals, girl! I need to work on getting an A in both my classes this semester, pull aside items to sell at my upcoming yard sale, and go to the Y at least twice/week (I really want to go 3-4 times per week, but I'm afraid to set my goal too high and fail, lol!).

  6. My goal is the same as any other month, land a freaking job! Getting frustrating lately.

  7. Just found your blog it is sooo GORGEOUS & so are you!!
    I am loving all your goals! My goal this month is to continue my trek as a new vegan! One day at a time! It's hard to retrain your thoughts on food and what to eat and cravings, etc.. but I can do it!!