Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Inner Foodie // Pita Pizzas

One of my favorite foods is pizza. I love all kinds of pizza...except the ones with pineapples on them. Yesterday I was hungry for something healthy and hearty so I dug up whatever I could find in the ice box and got to work. That's how easy it was, cause everyone knows this girl is not a good cook. I made two kinds: Veggie pizza and a classic tuna melt, both on pocket-less Pita bread. Put your ingredients on and bake for a good 10-12 mins on 350. For the tuna melt, I added the tomatoes and sprouts after it was finished. Also, I thought that the cheese was deceiving because I swear I drowned the pita with it, but I guess when it bakes it all sticks together forming a blob of cheese army in the middle of the pizza? I don't know, just don't be scared to get carried away with the cheese.

Eat and enjoy.

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