Monday, September 12, 2011

Movies, R2D2 and Pasta Restaurants

Hello lovelies! This weekend all we did was go to the movies and enjoy each others company. On Friday, ate dinner at home with my dad's sister and her hubs. Which I loved because they have so much wisdom! Sat around the kitchen table and listened to old stories that made me think and made me laugh. My uncle made his famous shrimp curry and that surely kicked the weekend off to a great start. Also, their 2 grandkids were over and somehow, Kobey's little R2D2 ended up in the dirty dishes. Let's just say he got cleaned up!

I also got my super cute ring from Forever 21 in the mail! I looooove it!

On Saturday I had a 3-hour leadership meeting/training for church and it felt so great to refreshed! We went over a lot of things that needed to be brought up again so that we could all be on the same page. I left really encouraged and so ready to take it up a notch in Children's Ministry. I'm kind of doing a happy dance!

Anyways, my family and I saw Contagion and um...... always carry hand sanitizer and ALWAYS wash your hands when prepping raw foods, especially meats. Yes. Always. Besides that known fact, the movie was alright. There were a lot of medical terms and it lost me a few times. Just imagine if we lost 1/8 of the world due to a viral disease? Yikes!

On Sunday, we went and saw The Help and it was amazing. One of the best movies I have seen in a long while; it was a good for the soul kind of movie. I teared a lot, so bring your kleenex. Classic civil rights movie with comedy, heartbreak and a heavy dose of truth. If you haven't seen it yet, please do! 

Went to dinner a few hours later and ate the best rib eye steak I've ever eaten! It was sitting on a bed of homemade mac-n-cheese. Hello! It was amazing.....

But you know, the highlight of my weekend was not only spending time with people I love and eating the best rib-eye ever, it was giving the word of the Lord to my waitress. The entire night God had been pressing on my heart to tell this girl (her name is Madison and she looks to be around the same age as me) that He loves her and that she needed to know that right away. I'm always striving to be sensitive to God and obey him, but I'm also sensitive to someone's work ethic, so I waited until it was time to leave. Sure enough, she was at the cash register by herself while we were walking out. I walked up to her and asked if I could tell her something and she had the biggest smile on her face. Then I told her that God had spoke to me during dinner and wanted me to let her know that He loves her more than she'll ever know. She started crying -- in the middle of the tiny pasta restaurant -- and came around the desk and hugged me and said "Thank you!! You do not know how much I need to hear that. Tonight! Right now!". Then we got to talking a little about where she lives and I invited her to church and let her know, again, that Jesus loves her! I'm praying that we cross paths again this week! Pray with me too? If you'd like, pray especially for her!

And that, my friends, was an amazing weekend.
Hope you all had one too!


  1. I loved the Help! I didn't even wanna see contagion cause I have a feeling its just gonna turn people into freaks about germs and make everyone walk around in those hospital masks all the time

  2. I love that ring!!!
    REEEALLLYY want to go see The Help! Mom said it was really good.

  3. OK that dinner looks delish, where did you go??? I realllllyyyyy want to see the Help too.... My mom ready to book and I got barely a chapter in before I got distracted :P

  4. Ashley- We went to a local pasta eatery called Kauai Pasta here on Kauai. It was so amazing!

  5. It seems everyone has seen "The Help" except ME! I really want to see it now...

    Love the story about the girl in the Pasta restaurant. :goosebumps: :)