Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Plaster the Runway with Class Pt. II

 Oscar de la Renta takes my breath away every single time. Whenever there is a red carpet event, I'm always eager to see which actress/model is wearing him. Then I get super excited when the fashion weeks arrive because I get to enjoy the runway from the comfort of my own home.

I love his style and like I have described him in past posts:  
I love how he does the simple whites, blacks, oranges and then he busts out with greens and yellows and the entire canvas is splattered with color. He does it so violently, but quietly and with total class.
 So because I'm officially obsessed with him, enjoy this image-heavy post.
[All pictures are credited to and are taken from last week's Resort 2012 collection shown at New York Fashion Week]

 Major swoon.
By the way, Caroline Herrera is classy too.


  1. oooohhhhh, so pretty and dreamy! I secretly wish that I had a reason to wear fancy dresses like this - I mean, how awesome must it feel to be wearing OSCAR and having a team of people in hair and makeup doll you up?!

    I think my favorites of all these are the red dress (I love the way the chiffon is so flowy) and the blue fringe dress. So makes me want to do a twirl. :)