Sunday, September 4, 2011

Vacation... so far.

 Hi loves! "Mini Vacation" is three days in and it has been great! 
I had to make a quick stop into town and to my house so I thought I'd share a quick post with you all.
The house has amazing views and the wind blows right thru the windows (because it's on a hill) which makes it so easy and comfortable to just kick back and relax. 
I used the hot tub every night before sleeping to relax my body and sleep well. It worked!

I'll be back to reality on Monday night, so I'll share the rest of my pictures then. By the way, these are my "weekend instagrams" because my precious Lola (my camera) had no power left. She's drinking some energy now and recharging! 

OH! One more thing before I forget, I just wanted to say hello to all of my new lovelies! 
Once again, you all make me smile! 


  1. What a lovely view! It looks so relaxing! Lucky you!


  2. this looks amazing! hooray for relaxing!!

    love your blog!

  3. Wow! You guys are relaxing in style! What a beautiful home! I really, really wish I had a tub like that...and an unobstructed view like that wouldn't be bad, either! ;)

    Glad you are enjoying your mini vacation!