Monday, September 26, 2011

Weddings, Food and QT

 The weekend was very eventful! Our church had a guest speaker and we spent most of our time there falling in love with Jesus. Yes, it's true. In between those times, we celebrated Chris and Bri's wedding. They are a young couple but they made the best decision: get married. Honestly, I admire them for that because nowadays, not a lot of young people get married...nor do they stay committed.
Anyways, the food was amazing. Typical Hawaiian style pupu (appetizer) and dinner that I wasted no time eating, hence the dinner that is not pictured.
This cutie is Reign. She is serious cuteness wrapped up headbands and smiles that'll melt your heart. Her first birthday is in a few weeks and we're planning a huge party for her. She likes to show you how old she'll be and she loves giving kisses. Her mommy is also one of my closest friends!
After the wedding, at 9:30pm full of food and ready for bed, we all couldn't help but eat more snacks and sit around the big TV and watch Jon Jones defend his UFC belt. My mom and her sister love their iPhones and always share what new apps they get. I swear, my mom is iPhone queen. This past summer she convinced my uncle and aunty visiting from California to buy an i4. AT&T should pay her. Hmm, who should I call?
By 11 I literally had one eye open watching Jon Jones choke out Rampage... and by 11:30 I was in bed sleeping in 68 degree weather. 

Life is good. Hope my lovelies had a great weekend!
Awesome family portrait :)

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  1. I love seeing photos of how close you are with your family. :) xoxo