Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What I Wore - Forever 21

Getting ready for fall.
By the way, those things on my feet are Roman from Blowfish Shoes :)


  1. You are way too cute! Love that belt!

  2. That belt is fantastic! I might need that.

  3. This is so cute! I love the layers you put together!

  4. Hello, sweet friend! You are adorable! And just so you know, the up-do is very pretty on you! I am so used to seeing you with your hair down that it surprised me to see it pulled back and piled up on your head. :) You wear it well!

    I love Forever 21; I went there the other day and walked out with goodies that cost me less than 20 bucks! Score!

  5. Thank you gals :)

    Angie love- Thank YOU! I'm usually piling my hair on my head when I'm at home relaxing and this day I just gathered it and my sister said it looked awesome. Glad to know she wasn't lying. LOL.