Thursday, November 3, 2011

Array of Thoughts

Hello there lovelies! This week has definitely been a happy but slow one. I'm finally coming down from a high of an intense October and sleep has been my best friend for the past three days. I've been having some really weird dreams too. Dreams where I wait forever for a box of cupcakes and when I finally get them my real-life alarm rings and I jump out of bed because I realize that it had been ringing for the past hour. Yep.

You see the kind of things October did to me? Delirious, I tell you.

Anyways, I wanted to clear the air on a few things concerning the blog and I also wanted to let you in on my little time-ticking brain.

Future of the blog // With Lily Love hitting it's 2nd birthday on the blogsphere in about a month, I've come to realize how much I love this blog and how much of my heart is plastered everywhere. It's almost like I cut my sleeve off and gave each of you a piece of it. Not to worry, I'm completely happy with that! I have been contemplating the future of this place, space...piece of my heart. I have been taking into perspective what I have been writing about and the content that I have been posting, or lack there of. I feel as if I have lost a tiny bit of what my goal has been from the get-go. Or maybe I'm just super tired and am writing this while dreaming. Where's the kick? Don't worry, this girl is not going anywhere. Just deciding on how to change and shift the blog into one direction.

Sponsorship // I have stopped doing sponsor spots only because I haven't been on for awhile. I'll be back to sponsoring all of my favorite blogs in the new year.

Life // Life has been changing a lot over the past two months. Certain things have come up and I am so eager to see the outcome of each new task that has entered my life. Things here at my job (I have a little daycare) have changed a bit and I am waiting on God to see what my next step is. There has been a ton of ideas and places that have been dropped in my heart and I know that God has a specific time for each of them. So while I wait, I'll worship and I'll keep doing the things that please the Lord! Also, my best friend and I are planning a trip to New Zealand in early 2013 and since we know the world isn't going to end in '12, we're already saving up. 

Another thing happening in this life of mine? Photography. I have always loved scouring the internet looking at fashion photography and have done a few photo shoots behind the camera. I put it on the side for a long time and have now resurrected it! (That made me want to shout Hallelujah!) I have 3 shoots set up for the next two months and am so excited to be behind the camera again. Also, all you Nikon owners... any specific lens I should keep my wallet tight for? Right now I have a standard lens and a 50mm lens. Any suggestions? Oh, and you'll see these photos in a few months.

So there you have it kiddos. 
I love you all and even if we have never met and maybe never will, I am so thankful for each and every one of you. I read all your emails, tweets and comments and every single one makes my day so much brighter. 

Love to you all.

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