Friday, November 4, 2011

Disney Aulani Resort & Spa // Part 1 - The Arrival

Earlier this year, my dad got a call from the company he works for and they had announced that they were going to host a Family Day at the new Aulani Disney Resort and Spa on O'ahu. My dad jumped on it and we were blessed because they paid for Everything! Yes, everything with a capital E. The flights, hotel stay and they even gave us money to go shopping. Um... holla!

We got in late Friday night and couldn't check in till 3pm the next day so we stayed in Kalihi with my dad's sister and all of my cousins. We stayed up into the wee hours laughing and reminiscing and playing with all the new babies! Got up early the next morning and booked it to the shopping centers. We shop hardcore when we fly to O'ahu - only because Kaua'i lacks the abundance of stores that all the other islands have. I was planning on taking some street style photography but with only a limited amount of time to shop, my brain was on "attack mode".

As soon as we got to the hotel, those workers had their leis out and knew us by name - which I found creepy but so classy at the same time - and even gave us flavored water. We checked in and basked in the ambiance of the entire hotel.

Of course the actual Disneyland trumps it, but it was like all the Disney characters went to a luau and decided to never go back. It was awesome. There I was, a 24-year old woman having fun with my mom, dad and sister walking around the pool area trying to get a picture with Mickey. No picture though, sorry. 
Anyways, we watched the sunset over Ko'olina Bay and had a few (non-alk) drinks down by the pool and enjoyed ourselves.

Stay tuned for Part 2, I have a video and a few evening shots. 


  1. looks like a blast.. im jealous!

  2. Dang lady! How lucky are you!? It looks like a wonderful trip!