Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I'm sitting here having one of those moments where I should be sleeping in my comfortable bed but instead I'm staring at a blank screen with a mind full of thoughts. Lately, I've been stumbling upon a ton of blog posts that seem to say everything that my heart has been wanting to scream. Posts about love, grief, life, school... inspiration. I read them slowly and begin to let it bleed all over my heart then I try to write and then it just stops. 

But tonight, that all ends. The rapid and violent stop that happens to my thought process when something good is about to come out. My heart is heavy and it is ready to be poured out. What do I want to talk about? How about life. The good, the bad and the straight up ugly. 

Let's start with friendship. 

Friendship is a big part of everyone's life. We have best friends and then we have friends who we taught were going to be in our lives forever; they come and they go. In a way, we all need friendship. It's how we grow. It's not only a way to find out and learn about others, it's also a way to learn about ourselves.

I read a quote by Rick Warren the other day and it literally shook me and reminded me of the grace of God over my life. It read: "It is always more rewarding to restore a relationship than to replace it." 

Great. Just what I wanted to hear. Exactly what I needed to hear.

For a few days now, I have been reminiscing, in my own dark mind, about a past friendship that went awry and never made a full recovery. Sometimes I miss it and then sometimes I'm glad that it never rose from the ashes of mistrust and hatred. I have been thinking about what went wrong and why it never, for the past year, made another debut. Then I think about the said quote and I think to myself if this friendship will be restored one day or will it be replaced with a friend who will genuinely care.

You see, being a friend to me is very important. As I am, naturally, a people person, I love to invest my time in someone. I like to get to know them and find out their quirks and hear their life story. I value all of that stuff.

So, as I agree with Rick Warren (as I usually do. I love him!), I like to wonder if maybe not all friendships that ended were not meant to be restored. Or maybe, the restoration of it is the replacement; trade for trade? I think it could be restored in a way where there is forgiveness and healing, just without all of the "friendship". 

I want to hear what you think. Have you ever had a friendship that wasn't worth restoring? Do you agree with Rick Warren? Sound off in the comments. I love hearing your thoughts and perspective. 

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  1. i agree 150%... my friends mean a great deal to me as well. I agree with the quote, its better to fix somthing that you love and careabout, rahter then sitting around being madd at someone. it takes more engery to be mad then happy. So lets be happy!