Friday, November 4, 2011

On The Mend

I found this quote the other day and couldn't help but tear up just a little. I can be a cry-baby sometimes, even in the smallest of moments. I kept reading it over and over again and really let it soak and permeate through my mind and letting it bleed all over my heart. And when it finally did, I felt happy. I felt loved.

You see, God does this too. He mends our brokenness and fills each crack with gold; his love and his grace. Through all the damage we become more beautiful because He saved us and he set us free. 

Free to be loved.
Free to love.
Free to live.

Free to be beautiful.

Whatever you may have gone through or going through now, just remember that God is on your side.

Don't give up!


  1. I needed this today. oh how i needed this today. thank you sweet girl.