Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving from my iPhone

This year has to have been the best year for major holidays. From Valentine's Day to the 4th of July to Thanksgiving.... I've never been happier. There aren't enough words to describe how blessed and thankful I am, especially in this holiday season. I took a hit at my job which lowered my finances big time, but God has been providing week after week and it has truly been a humbling process.  

On Turkey day, as a family, went and scoped out the early Thanksgiving day sales and came home with a new dining set, Christmas tree (7' Douglas Fir) and a bunch of other things that made us smile! We headed out to the North Shore of Kauai and had dinner at my dad's sister's house in Anahola. My uncle cooked everything: stuffing, turkey, ham, gravy, mac salad and mash potatoes! I was seriously wasted on turkey.

We hung out for a good while and finally made our way back home wanting to partake in a few Black Friday sales. Instead, my mom, sis and I stayed home and decorated our tree - we were up till 2am! Actually, a few of our friends posted on their Instagram pictures of the lines that they were waiting in and we immediately looked at each other and said "TREE!" 

It was a great holiday! I spent it with all the people I love and even if I was turkey wasted, I didn't over eat! Which is great, right? But please... no more turkey for a few months.


  1. Super cute pictures to capture your Thanksgiving and it looks like fun and I want some of that mac and cheese stat! ;) Love the Joy ornament on your tree!

    Liesl :)