Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thrifting Day...

Hello lovelies. 
It's day two of my thrifting adventures. Yesterday was a bust! We drove all the way to other side of the island just to find out that one of the best thrift stores on Kauai was closed. That was a doozy.
We're going to the opposite side of the island today. 
We're also going to check out some boutiques and gather up some ideas :)

Maybe I'll make a video.

Have a great Tuesday.

OH. and before I go, please take some time to read two GREAT posts that have touched my heart this week:

We Found Love by Lauren of Let It Be
A Love Story by Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky

Both beautifully written and both soooo encouraging!


  1. awh, girl, you're so sweet! thank you for this!! glad you enjoyed it :)

    have fun thrifting! i'm so jealous!! xoxo

  2. I want, need, HAVE TO HAVE that ring. It's amazing.

    And so are you! xoxo