Wednesday, December 28, 2011

52 in 2012 list // Thanks, Ashley!

I got the idea to make this list from the awesome Ashley over at After Nine to Five! So here goes...

  1. Journal a lot more
  2. Lose up to 70+ pounds (new post coming up soon!)
  3. Buy an iMac
  4. Visit another country, or two Germany and Italy?!
  5. Learn to appreciate what I have
  6. Call my best friend up more often
  7. Learn how to sew YAY!
  8. Build a fort
  9. Prioritize!
  10. No sodas!
  11. Less computer time
  12. Read one book each month
  13. Write more music reviews
  14. Buy strings for my lonely guitar
  15. Learn how to put strings on my lonely guitar
  16. Learn a new song on the guitar
  17. Take a mini-vacation without leaving the island
  18. Eat at a super expensive restaurant
  19. Make a really good bread pudding (made one when I was in HS, but I lost the recipe!)
  20. Cook more
  21. Engage in street-style photography
  22. Absolutely no gossip mags. Those things are of the devil, I tell ya!
  23. Read my bible. 2 chapters when I wake up and 1 before bed
  24. Tell more people about the love that Jesus has for them
  25. Remind myself of the love that Jesus has for me
  26. Study abstract painting and paint more of it
  27. Open up a online one for now Shop.
  28. No cutting my hair, unless its just a trim Cut it SHORT already!
  29. Spend more time outdoors
  30. Organize my finances
  31. Go hiking at all the hard places
  32. Join and finish the Tread on Trafficking campaign this summer
  33. Eat at a restaurant, alone
  34. Buy a car 
  35. Have more faith :)
  36. Let go of negative friendships/relationships
  37. Truly learn photography. The ins-and-outs of my Lola (my camera)
  38. Less fast food and more home cooked meals
  39. Watch a movie at the theater, alone Went to the Hunger Games alone!
  40. Start a mini-photography business and do more shoots like this and this
  41. Stay in a cabin at Koke'e State Park Yep. Summer was fun.
  42. Thrift shopping = bliss; do more of it
  43. Finish my room decor
  44. Be nicer; Sometimes, I need an attitude adjustment!
  45. Buy a wide-angle lens
  46. Go to a concert
  47. Park in the farthest parking stall and walk 
  48. Smile more
  49. Be an encourager 
  50. Setup a few garage sales We had a really big one this year!
  51. Learn a new language
  52. Have fun in Italy ;)


  1. I think most of those are realistic. I have an issue of confusing dreams and goals / realistic and not.

    I hope some of those goals you make come true.

  2. This is such a great list! Can't wait to hear about your progress!

  3. Great goals. I can relate to so many of them. I have a wide angle lens and I love it. As far as starting a photography goes, if you don't already write a contract, service agreements, photo releases it is so helpful and it also makes you more professional.