Tuesday, December 27, 2011

the day after christmas

 I woke up at a decent time yesterday and spent the morning with my dad watching reruns of One Tree Hill - actually I was watching and he was complaining about how he doesn't like the show, only to be totally intrigued about it mid-episode. Fun times, I tell ya! After about an hour on the computer working on the blog, catching up on blogs and writing a letter to my insecurities, I told myself that I needed to get out of the house and do something.

Texts went out and my sis and I headed to mall with our closest friends Tashana and Tiare and Reign (Tiare's babygirl). I brought my camera along wanting to catch all of our adventures and at the end of the day I realized that I didn't take actual pictures of any of our faces (close-ups), just random pictures. 

1. My sister and I and our uncleaned mirror. I've gotten smitten with rolled-up jeans (or whatever they're called).
2. Reigny girl, as we like to call her, likes to pretend to be an old lady with no teeth! It truly is a sight to see when she does this. Never. Ending. Laughter.
3. Wearing mommy's glasses.
4. Reign and mommy strolling through the mall.
5. NO ONE ever sits on the front lawn of our mall, so to see these people waiting for their taxi was something worth taking a picture of. My friend Tashana (last girl on your right) and I asked if we could get a picture of them and they gladly accepted. They were super friendly. We also felt pretty cool that we did something super random. 
6. I guess someone likes to tan near the entrance of Wal-Mart? What makes this grand is that the chicken was in the picture too!
7. Waiting for lunch.
8. Lechon Kawali is the bizzzzness. It's fried pork and it's fricking delicious. My Filipino blood is boiling because I want another serving!
9. My sister took it mainland style and got herself a cheeseburger.
10. Hi! [must say in a Southern accent]
11. Yep, those are my Polynesian feet. That one toe always goes up. Weird.
12. Tashana's feet.
13. My sister's [Why we're taking pictures of our feet, I have no idea.]

Best day in a long time!

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  1. What a lovely variety of random pictures. I love the one of your friend's daughter with the big glasses, lol, too cute!