Monday, December 5, 2011

Donating Blood

What's up homies? Haha! I mean, lovelies?! Going to donate some red stuff tomorrow and thought this picture was appropriate enough even if there isn't a syringe on there. 
Anyways, just got home from an amazing night of practicing hula with the girls at church - talk about a WORKOUT! I now have jelly legs! After all of the knee-bending and smiling, rode to my friend's house on a cruiser bike and had dinner at their house - we had ahi wraps. So yum.

Want to know a little secret?
Well, I'm applying for a passport tomorrow. 

Come visit me on Twitter, I'll update on that there.

Oh, and I actually like donating blood (yep, needles) so I'm pretty excited for my needle poking fun tomorrow.

PS- Remember I talked about me donating blood and my first post (ever) on Lily Love was about my experience? Well that happened almost 2 years ago. Crazy how things come full circle. You can read that post here. Please excuse my bad grammar; it's really bad, you'll see.

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