Wednesday, December 21, 2011

family portraits // brun 'ohana

I have know Aiwa (eye-vuh, for all you non-Hawaiian speaking lovelies) and Shannon for six years now and it was a pleasure to be able to do their family shoot. We went down to the Kilohana train tracks - it's now a tourist spot with a cutesy train running it's course - and took a ton of pictures right behind the gift shop. It was my first time back there since they remodeled the place a few years ago. 

We went to lunch after our shoot and reminisced about all of our funny moments as friends. 
It was great to capture family, but it was also refreshing to re-capture the friendship.
And don't lie - you want to squeeze that little boy! He refused to look at the camera, but it's okay because kids are supposed to be quirky in family shoots. 


  1. The pictures look great! Especially the last one, so cute!

  2. Cute family! The photos came out amazing! Nice work!