Thursday, December 29, 2011

the game of life

My cousin's came over the other day to hang out, raid our refrigerator and eat from our snack table (yes, we have one of those for all the goodies we got for Christmas). My sister brought out her new game that she splurged on the other day: the game of life. I, on the other hand, bought the app on my phone for a mere dollar - now that's a deal! But, nothing beats playing the real game just like I did back in elementary.
My sister had way too many kids that wouldn't fit in her car, so the poor boy had to lay on his siblings the entire ride to Millionaire Estates. When it was all over, we took out our calculators - Shaylie the 8 year old has her own iTouch - and calculated our totals.... and I won! Oh yeah! Shaylie was sad that she loss, but that little kid sued me so I had to play the "that's life" card on her at the end of the game! All fun and games...

It was fun to just hang out and kick back and have 3 kids and donate to orphans and buy a house with paper money whilst being at work at the hospital - I was a doctor and pocketed 100k each time I passed the green square. That's the life. Ha! No. But, while we were playing LIFE, I quietly thought to myself about real life and growing up and actually having to pay real bills with real 'bills'. It's funny how a 'game' can make you think about a lot of things in your own life.

One experience I wouldn't mind having that the game of LIFE gave - besides the 100k salary - would be to have twins. Now that would be an experience! Wishful thinking...


  1. Would you believe I have NEVER played that game? :( One of these days when I make it over to Kauai, let's meet up for a lunch/coffee date and then bust out the game right there at the table. Sound good? :)


  2. Angie, I am so down for that!! Hurry! Hurry! xx