Sunday, December 4, 2011

i'm painting my room and need help with decor.

We're painting my room this week and I have been scouring the internet for some good milk and honey, earthy types of room decor. 
Here's what I love:
  • White curtains and brown furniture. Always and forever. 'till. the. day. i. die.
  • Anything vintage. Duh.
  • Splashes of color. I love the simplicity of bullet #1, but I like when one or two other colors can create a little lively feeling in the room. My current "compliment color" is something in the "honey-dew melon" ball park.
  • Birds and feathers. I am a total sucker for those... le sigh.
  • Art work. I had a beautiful picture of a painting of Venice, but it never matched the color schemes I wanted (I know, right!) so I gave it to my best friend. I do want to add some artwork up. 
  • Pictures. I have some really cool frames that I would die if I had to give up, but I'm always open to displaying them in a different way (see picture #5). Anyone has ideas?
  • Headboard. I have a king size bed (yay me) and I can hang art work above my bed but I have this thing about it hanging over me. It's not a superstitious thing at all, it's just... what if it falls on me while I'm sleeping? Yeah... Headboard it is. Now to make one...... hm.
  • Daybed. Now, to give up my king size bed is like trying to give up my room entirely! Plus, I'm a tall girl - 5'9" to be exact - and I don't know if I want my little piggies hanging off the bed. This is one of those "I-have-long-hair-but-I-want-short-hair-then-when-I-cut-my-hair-short-I-want-long-hair-again" kind of scenarios. It's not like my daybed is going to just "grow back". Man, decisions, decisions.
  • Did I mention I like white curtains and brown? Oh yeah, welp, my walls will be a nice light shade of brown and I want me some white curtains and bedding. Where is Ikea when I need them?

Happy Sunday lovelies! I'll be digging up some old posts this week for Lily Love's 2nd birthday (yep, I love this place so much, I treat it like it's my baby) so stay tuned for that! Until then, you can find me on Pinterest.

Ahoy me hearties...

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