Thursday, January 12, 2012

cozy in white

In a few days (which was supposed to be before Christmas) my room walls will be a nice clash between brown and yellow and I cannot wait to finally get my room back into shape! I have been drooling over an all white bed, except I'm so scared of white. It may scream coziness, but it also screams "I am not stain-resistant!". So I have been taking some notes on how I can make my bedding as white as I can without having it scream bloody murder at me. I'm kind of liking the washed look on the furniture and the canopies. 



  1. I am such a fan of clean, cozy and fluffy whites!

    Liesl :)

  2. I love all white rooms and linens too...beautiful choices here.

    I struggle with my white counter stools. I live in Kihei so there's a ton of open land and dirt flying in the house. Constantly cleaning the white leather stools but I love em anyway.

  3. I love white decor- especially bedrooms! I just think it's so relaxing.