Tuesday, January 17, 2012

the first interesting weekend of the new year

It was my sister's birthday on Sunday and this year she decided to stay at a hotel and invite all of our girly friends for a night of fun! Even in the winter, we get to enjoy the sun and beach here in Hawai'i but lately, the weather has been cold which made it super hard to enjoy the pools. It was a win though because the jacuzzi was better anyways. Other than cold weather, we went swimming in the night, played some truth or dare (CRAZY!) and laughed till our chests hurt. I forgot about Lola (my camera) and she slept in my over-nighter bag for the entire weekend, so enjoy my little instagrams!

 My sister's favorite foods are Chinese, Sushi and baked goods so she decided on Sushi for our little family dinner for her. She picked good! We had an amazing dinner at Kintaro Japanese Restaurant. Sushi, steak and fish. So yummy! 

I'm so happy my sister had an amazing time celebrating her birthday!!!

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  1. My mouth is drooling at how yummy that looks!!! and i am totally jealous that you get to be by a pool! Can't wait for summer. I giggled when you said cold. It's like 8 degrees here!!!!! wahh

    In our sea of love